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Better late than never, that’s what Google did by starting ‘Google SMS Channels‘. I see a Veterans saying its Half Baked, its interesting, explaining what it might cost for Google . All said and done , its always better to have a bog wig enter this market and streamline the Eco system, Set some standards and  benchmarks. Not only that Google cannot afford to miss Mobile First market like India to extend its mobile adwords.

Update 1:
Rajesh Jain who pioneered the concept of Invertising in India with his MyToday SMS subscriptions writes about Google’s entry into this market.
Here is the link where he published his responses to WATBLOG.
I am also glad that Nikhil made a comment on this post.

Update 2:
WAT Blogs take on this

Update 3:
Well there’s a lot of discussion going on this between Thejo & Nikhil
Mean while Nikhil points out the (known)issue of SMS delivery and bandwidth .


If you are a die-hard fan of Chennai’s many FM radio
stations and miss your favourite jocks jabber away when you are away from the
city, there’s good news for you says Economic Times in this article.
Bay Talkitec, a Chennai based Mobile VAS is developing this unique platform and looking for tie ups with Network operators and Radio Stations. Consumers can access this service by by subscribing to it and can listen to the streaming radio on a toll free short code.

well there is a lot of curiosity in netizens that OnMobile has opened up their platform API’s for third parties as reported by Pluggdin. Ashish also describes it highlight of the week . Lets see how much the developer community, OnMobile and network operators will leverage this. Keeping every thing aside can this be described it as an attempt to bring some standards into this nascent industry ? or is it to early to do this? not sure what are your thoughts?

off to hyd to make most of long weekend

Apparently iPhone launch in India is due on 22nd Aug, in Apple’s quarterly results conference call quotes it as 20 mysterious countries and hoefully India is one of them.

More to this is its exclusive with Vodafone for the first 15days for all the co operation that vodafone has offered to Apple world wide,

But is Apple iPhone for get 3G is meant for India, i Have my doubts after reading…. this

“Mobile VAS has a very important role to play as telecom companies perform commendably well despite steeply falling ARPUs” says Voice & Data in this article

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