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Saket Agarwal, CEO of Cellebrum reports in his blog how cellebrum is able to deploy their most successful product using Dialogic’s technology. Also he claims that this product mobile radio will soon over take CRBT with in a years time.


Apparently iPhone launch in India is due on 22nd Aug, in Apple’s quarterly results conference call quotes it as 20 mysterious countries and hoefully India is one of them.

More to this is its exclusive with Vodafone for the first 15days for all the co operation that vodafone has offered to Apple world wide,

But is Apple iPhone for get 3G is meant for India, i Have my doubts after reading…. this

This article in Business Standard titled-‘Give level playing field for VAS players’ really highlights the correct requirements of current VAS and Telecom ops need of the moment

  • faster process of obtaining shortcodes, standardization of the terms and conditions of access and interconnection and a transparent revenue sharing model between operators and VAS players. 
  • MIS and reconciliation
  • A variation of not more than 2 per cent between the service providers to be accepted as a standard and payments should be made within 60 days.
  • the MVAS industry should be treated as the single largest users of telecom services and their rights be protected

But there is also one more important need , who is taking care of CONSUMER….ultimately he is paying money out of his pocket

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Any VAS company has one strategic point to win clients. Normally these VAS companies just like vendors  to the Telecom and Media companies and you know what their positioning is

” We help you to enhance your revenues( here ARPU-Average Revenue Per User)”.

Normally if you are a vendor -some one like providing rawmaterials as in manufacturing; outsourcing as in Services- you will have to tell 100 things about the benefits one gets by buying services from them. but here one straight point : “Revenue Enhancement”

The more VAS products you sell on your network , The more you will make money.

to end with some piece of gyan from Zinnov– analysing Mobile and VAS penetration in India.

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