Watching MVAS Industry


Sep 12th 2007

The objective of this blog is to provide and out sider view to the Mobile Value Added S ervices(VAS)  Industry. For Starters VAS- meaning Mobile Value Added Services is defined by Wiki &

The author of this blog works for an Indian Telecommunications Company.All the thoughts/articles mentioned here are collected by the author by randomly surfing/googling the net and will link to major industry resources available.

Since the author is from India , majority of the articles might link to Indian Mobile Value Added Services only, at the same time author will also try to collate the global information also.

Author at times will also try to include some analysis on business plans of the companies in this industry and will also give his own perspective on the products/services launched by these companies.

All the perspectives/analysis/thoughts are not endorsed by the organization the author work for .


3 Responses to "About"

how do you think the 3G will boast the MVAS segment and what kind of growth are we looking at in the 3G segment

any forecasting as to where mobile ADVERTISING and Mobile MARKETING is heading for. if you could provide me with few real time case studies from India showcasing the success of mobile marketing it will greatly enhance my understanding

when we look at india and the MVAS space we find more than 120 companies fighting for their share of pie. though we have seen bright forecasts for this industry but one challenge that no one has address is the effort req to manage the no of players in the ecosystem from content provider to telecom operator and absence of any government regulations for sharing of revenue.

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