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Google SMS Channels-Better Late than Never

Posted on: October 2, 2008

Better late than never, that’s what Google did by starting ‘Google SMS Channels‘. I see a Veterans saying its Half Baked, its interesting, explaining what it might cost for Google . All said and done , its always better to have a bog wig enter this market and streamline the Eco system, Set some standards and  benchmarks. Not only that Google cannot afford to miss Mobile First market like India to extend its mobile adwords.

Update 1:
Rajesh Jain who pioneered the concept of Invertising in India with his MyToday SMS subscriptions writes about Google’s entry into this market.
Here is the link where he published his responses to WATBLOG.
I am also glad that Nikhil made a comment on this post.

Update 2:
WAT Blogs take on this

Update 3:
Well there’s a lot of discussion going on this between Thejo & Nikhil
Mean while Nikhil points out the (known)issue of SMS delivery and bandwidth .


3 Responses to "Google SMS Channels-Better Late than Never"

Just because someone elses product has different features, doesn’t make it half baked. The thing is, if, bit by bit, Google starts leveraging their other services on mobile, it’ll blow this space open.

As a case in point – today you can subscribe to your own Gmail via RSS feeds. All you need to do is now – take the same RSS feed, add it to your own Google SMS Channel, and voila!

You can also take search results from Google News (for example – Lewis Hamiltion), and add the RSS feed to a separate Google SMS Channel. They just haven’t integrated the two, but I dont think it will take much to enable this.

What worries me is that Google comes into a segment, and just blows everyone else out of the water. That’s a risk every startup runs, and ideas can’t be copyrighted.

@nikhil agree, glad to see you here! But what i look forward to see is some one big to put pressure on the network operators to maintain a level playing field as it was discussed some time before!As you say, startups might run into risk of being blown away by the biggie, but its a trend in any naive industry and consolidation is badly required here to take head on with the network operators(every one knows what it means to deal with an operator). Do correct me if am wrong

[…] Google SMS Channels October 8th, 2008 by admin !  var ipad_url=””; var ipad_format=”{small/big}”; var ipad_color=”{color}”; google has launched its own sms channel. you can read about it here […]

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