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How does one define a Value Added Service?

Posted on: October 16, 2007

Proper and a very funny definition came to my mind during the lunch time. As usual i am upto my lunch today and while picking up the items, a colleague of mine pointed to the Yummy! Mirchi bajji’s kept next to the papad section.

Having deceived by the looks i just picked up 3 those premium priced bajjis. On tasting one of them  i found that they are awe full and i cant even eat one completely.

this moment i realized the apt definition of Value Added Service

So a Value Added Service is

1) The one you can easily do away with , but still tempted to buy(just like bajji’s here-that came along with the lunch)
2) They look so tempting you pay a premium price expecting a lot.
3) You buy and experince once and find that they are not even 1% of the expectation.
4) They leave a bad impression making you decide that you are not going to try them at all.
5) Last but not least , if not you there are million odd there to buy these.


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